In Memory of Betty Ann Auld

In Memory of Betty Ann Auld

Nov 22, 1925 - October 6, 2016


We would like to honor and remember Betty Ann (Branch) Auld, who passed away this October 6, 2016. She was an active member of her community and made lasting contributions to OHCE. She served as President of Grady County OHCE and also President of her local group Rural Neighbors.  She would laugh and say if you want to be President of an organization, miss a business meeting.  She has served on many committees.  She felt deeply honored to have been in service with the OHCE Grady County group because of the dedication of their lives to the service to the community.  The programs to honor the military, the Veteran Hospitals, fair exhibits, judging, preparing meals, running concession areas and many other areas of the county fair has given Betty great joy to be a participant.  There are so many areas of service for the members of the organization such as support to the county schools, honoring teachers, and aiding in many areas of need such as the elderly.  She received much fulfillment with the organization in extending smiles, encouragement, fruit baskets and in collecting monies for building water wells in the areas of the world where there is a great need for water.  It delighted her to know that the ladies with whom she has shared many hours actually live up to their emblem with a shoulder to the wheel and adding light to our world.  They are always ready to extend a hand of welcome to any who wish to come along side them in service.

OHCE honored Betty Auld upon adopting her design and written meaning for the state emblem which follows:




The emblem is a circle suggesting the continuity of life in our state, our homes, and our community education. The single candle symbolizes the unity of goals and purposes of our organization. The candle emphasizes the saying “it is better to light just one little candle” and through unity light the world.  The edge of the seal has 77 bites of light between the cogs representing all the counties of Oklahoma. This all forms a work wheel that our members have put their shoulders against and thus turns our world into a better society.  Standing behind the candle is our great state of Oklahoma.



     May she rest in peace.